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Middle Age Is Not Cool


Middle age is not cool, not cool at all! your body begins to change, mostly not for the better, things slow down, joints begin to ache, you are more aware of chronic disease, You get your AARP card in the mail! Social Security is closer then it ever was…..You look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person staring back, because in your mind, your still a young 20 year old full of hope and promise.

You lose hair in some places and gain it in others.. skin becomes less taught and for many out there the “middle age spread” occurs.


Do we need to turn into our parents?

Do we need to just “let go” and be content to be sedentary and old before our time. What law states that is what must happen!
I took a stand last August and began cleaning up the garbage in my backyard so to speak. My body was breaking down. I was overweight, overeating, over drinking and my body started to show the signs of “that” sort of living.

First thing I had to do was put aside the booze… Im an alcoholic.

Not a very exciting one, no drama or arrests or anything like, that but wine and I , we had a very long term dysfunctional relationship, and it was time to break up.
One of the hardest things I ever did. Sometimes in the beginning I wanted a drink so bad (one such attack occurred in the grocery store) that I would fall to my knees and cry.
Many of you may not understand this struggle and I am glad.

I shake as I write this for fear of being judged, but I am quite frankly an open book these days, and well, this is part of me! And I want people to know that I am not perfect, or arrogant or full of myself.

Quite the contrary!

You should try to get to know me, Im rather cool I think! (he he!)

A few months later I was introduced to Training for Warriors Mahopac and thus started the next HUGE chapter for this middle aged, overweight ,recently sober, sugar craving (SERIOUSLY SUGAR CRAVING) mama!!

And that was Wellness.. Just that !


I just knew if I took that first step something good was bound to come from it. So I did, one step, then another.

This journey one travels on through this amazing program is so transformative if you just follow the recipe. It is both super simple in concept and yet one the hardest journeys you can embark on.

The information is right there, all of it. There are no hidden secrets or tricks just listen and learn and be willing to humble yourself and be willing to change.

As of today, I am so stupidly giddy and happy I am annoying myself! For one I never thought I would be where I am today.

My life is 100% different then it was less then a year ago.

I take NOTHING for granted.

Yes, I LOST A TON OF WEIGHT, yes, my body feels better , yes BETTER then it ever has, yes I am 53 years old, I sleep like a bear, and I am strong! Really strong !!! Did I say I was 53!!!


The exercise is key, but the nutrition, there in lies the real basis for any wellness program! You HAVE to do it and you HAVE to like it!
I will be honest with you, I did not like much of the food that was discussed or offered as choices. It took me a long time to convert over to the green side!
I found this to be huge hurdle. In addition, being an alcoholic giving up sweets, was well, wow, a bit unrealistic to me. But I did it, slowly. A lot of peaks and valleys my friends. But I kept moving forward.

So, I found other foods that I liked! Knowing that I was not going to eat food that I detested just because it was good for me and expect to be successful. I experimented and tried different things and educated myself so that I understood what

I needed to help my body feel good. And I continue to do so today!
During this last shred I tuned up a bit more and not only saw results but learned more about myself, my body and what I needed.

I also now incorporate a daily yoga and meditation practice, taking classes now twice weekly to complement TFW.

I try to get to the TFW Mahopac dojo 4 x week and my diet is almost plant based, and organic.

Damn! I don’t even recognize myself!
This amazing program does not just change your dress size, but if you open yourself up it will change your whole world!

As it has mine.
If anyone out there is not a believer or struggles stop and listen, you can do anything you put your mind and heart into.

The work you put in is nothing compared to how your body,mind and sole will reward you!
Peace! (Yes, I am a hippy chick!)


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