Don't Have The Body You Desire? Here's 6 Beliefs Stopping You

Don’t Have The Body You Desire? Here’s 6 Beliefs Stopping You


Lets face it.

Everyone’s different

We all have certain beliefs and habits that dictate our behavior.

Unfortunately, many of these beliefs can keep us from the very things we desire the most.

This seems to be especially true when it comes to diet and exercise. Beliefs that prevent us from even getting STARTED are common as well. The unfortunate thing is its actually pretty easy to make simple changes that can greatly impact our health in a positive way.
So do you agree?

Then read on to discover how to counteract the damage:

1. The Start is Stopping You The Great Martin Rooney founder and creator of Training For Warriors is famous for saying “Don’t let the start stop you”. If you want to lose weight, build lean muscle, learn to play guitar or start writing a book you have to start somewhere.

The problem?

That’s where most people STOP…at the start.

It’s the old ”I must have everything before I get started.” You know the routine; you think you have to get new sneakers, join a gym, buy new workout clothes, find the perfect diet, and more. Realize that you don’t need anything fancy to get started. You already know what food is healthy and what isn’t.

I hear it all the time, “I’m going to start training with you TFW guys as soon as I get myself in a little better shape.



You train with us to get in better shape! Don’t wait for the time to be perfect because it will never be perfect.

* Get started today with what you already know. You can improve your diet and exercise routine each week. Nothing happens without action, so start taking action today!

2. “I’m too out of shape to exercise.” Lots of heavier people that come to us believe this one. The truth is that exercise is relative I like to say exercise is “personal.” For some people, exercising means running 10 miles. For others, it might mean walking to the mailbox and back. The key is to challenge YOUR body and then let it recover. The amount of work it takes to achieve that is secondary.

3. “I don’t have time to cook.” There are plenty of things that are healthy to cook that take almost zero attention. There are hundreds of crockpot recipes that you can start and leave for hours while you’re busy with something else. The total time actually spent doing anything can be minutes.

4. “I’m so out of shape that I’ll never be able get back in shape.” It’s true that the more out of shape you are, the longer it’s going to take. But you can improve each week. It doesn’t take much to lose one pound each week, but that’s 50 pounds in a year. It’s important to just focus on this week. Don’t get overwhelmed just get started!

5. “I don’t know how to get started.” If you’re in poor physical shape, nearly anything is good enough. Clean up your diet a little bit. Move around a little bit more than you have been. It starts with improving habits. Once you make an improvement in your habits, your body will respond. Then you need to change a little more. Don’t complicate things.

At TFW Mahopac we run an 8 week transformation challenge program for people trying to make a lifestyle change. We preach that it is a journey and a grind to transform your body. Its a lifestyle change that starts with making little changes that over time result in huge results

* Try this: We call it Choose One Lose One. Replace one ‘bad’ food that you eat regularly with something that you know is healthy. Also add going for a walk to your daily routine. Go as slowly as you need to. If you can only walk 5 minutes, that’s fine. Next week you’ll be able to walk 10. Each week improve your diet and increase your activity by just a little bit.

6. “It’s too complicated.” This belief comes from the nutrition and fitness industry. Everything you see out there is EXTREME and in my opinion scary to most people. There is so much information out there that it actually stressed people out and paralyses them.

If they kept everything simple, what would they have to sell and talk about?

Diet and exercise are both actually very simple unless you’re trying to make some Olympic team. Eat a healthy diet, get your rest and exercise 3 days a week and you will see results! Examine your own beliefs. What is stopping your from taking better care of yourself?

Is your belief reasonable, or is it just an excuse to maintain your current behavior?

If you can change your beliefs, you can change your behavior and enjoy better results. Start eating a little bit better and exercising a little bit more today, and sooner than you think, you’ll have the body you’ve been wanting.

About the Author John Praino

Coach John's enthusiastic approach and positive energy will get anyone excited about fitness. However it's his ability to motivate and inspire people to do more not just in the dojo but in life that gets results.

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