Day #6 of The 12 Fitness Days of Christmas


1. Learn to look at your plate – Next time you sit down for a meal look at your plate.  Does it contain the building blocks for a healthy diet?  Is there a proper breakdown of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat?  Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate, in your cup or in your bowl.

2. Read Labels – It’s easy to assume that convenience foods would be packaged in single servings. Check the label to be sure. A single bottle of juice often contains 2 or more servings and a whole lot of sugar, so find out how many calories you’re really consuming as well as what’s in it.

3. Decrease calories from drinks – Reduce or cut out sugared beverages like juices, teas, and sodas.

* If you like sweet drinks, try sweetening them with Stevia. Stevia is one of the newer non-caloric sweeteners available on the market. Made from the leaf of a plant, Stevia is all-natural and doesn’t carry the health risks of many other artificial sweeteners.
* The healthiest choices for beverages are water or herbal tea.

4. Cut out sugar – Consuming sweets generates a high insulin response with almost no nutritional benefit.

If you absolutely have to have something sweet in your house, you can acquire some high-cocoa-content dark chocolate. Stevia, a plant-extract with some healthy properties, can be used in moderation as a sweetener in recipes.

Listen, I get it, giving up sweets is tough, I love chocolate! But I also love feeling good when I go clothes shopping and everything I choose fits well.  Plus, once you clear your system of excess glucose, you will notice less and less cravings & crashes.

About the Author John Praino

Coach John's enthusiastic approach and positive energy will get anyone excited about fitness. However it's his ability to motivate and inspire people to do more not just in the dojo but in life that gets results.

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