Day #4 of The 12 Fitness Days of Christmas


1. Park far away from the door – Park farther from the door. If you take your car to work or to run errands, park far away from your destination, even if that just means the far end of the parking lot.

* You can add several extra minutes of walking time simply by using this method everywhere you go.
* Don’t underestimate the value of a 5-minute walk from your vehicle to the grocery store or your workplace and back. Those 5-minute walks add up to more calories burned.

2. Cut out soda – Soda is a big offender when it comes to empty calories. The best thing you can do for your body is to replace the soda you’re drinking with water. Water is critical to your good health. It also helps fill you up and has zero calories, no matter how much you drink!

3. Jump rope – Jumping rope has many health benefits. It also gets invigorating very quickly. You may find that you’ve burned 100 calories in only 10 minutes while jumping rope.

4. Get a Pedometer – For some extra motivation to keep you moving, consider getting a good pedometer, which is a device that counts your steps.

* If getting instant feedback motivates you, wearing a pedometer will drive you to burn more calories.
* Fitness experts now recommend walking at least 10,000 steps per day.
* Use your pedometer as a reminder to get up and move around more.

About the Author John Praino

Coach John's enthusiastic approach and positive energy will get anyone excited about fitness. However it's his ability to motivate and inspire people to do more not just in the dojo but in life that gets results.

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