A Warrior Journey- Week 2

Brittany has been documenting her 8 Week Transformation journey. Last week, we read about when she was just starting out. Find out what happened during week 2!

Monday: I have grown to really enjoy Mondays! Mondays are a fresh start to the week! A chance to do better than last week. I know I have to work harder on the foods I eat, and I will. My son just came home from school, and I always give him a snack before he begins his homework. For his snack today he had an organic pop tart. As I was taking it out of the packaging for him, it looked delicious! The temptation to dive in a take a bite was nearing. But I had to say “nope, not today”! I do not want to self sabotage! Instead, I made myself a nice cup of green tea! Tea and water are my new best friends. My workout class is at 6:30pm tonight at TFW-Mahopac, and I am definitely looking forward to it. I feel a bit tired today, but I know my coaches will wake me up…

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