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In less than a week we will be starting another life changing Training for Warriors Mahopac program called the 8 Week Transformation Challenge.

This program has not only changed peoples bodies but it has changed the way people think and live!

In order to get into the program you must first meet one of our coaches for what we call a strategy session.

A strategy session is a private meeting where we sit down and put together a personal “road map” for people.

We listen to them tell us their story, their struggles and their goals.

Over the last 3 years of running this program I’ve been sitting with people looking for help.

I’ve heard a lot of incredible stories.  But one thing in particular started to stand out.  a theme so to speak.




It its something I here from 9 out of 10 people that sit with me and it upsets me because it CAN be overcome!

Fear of failure is like being stuck in quicksand.

You’re probably not happy with your current situation, but you’re too uncomfortable with your options for making meaningful change your life.


We’re great at procrastinating and coming up with 100 reasons why we can’t move forward, but those are just manifestations of being afraid.

Fear of failure could actually be a fear of several different things. It might be the fear of being judged or criticized. Or it might just be the fear of wasting time on something that we don’t think will work out in the end.

Unfortunately, fear can prevent you from every really knowing your true capabilities.

fear of failure is what stops many people from getting in shape and feeling great.

If your feel of failure has you handcuffed, understanding these concepts can set you free:

1. Failure isn’t always about you. A great way to make yourself feel depressed is to internalize negative experiences. Try considering your contribution to the situation. Many factors are outside of your control and it’s foolish and counterproductive to take all the blame.

2. Is a very young child afraid of failure? Of course not. The concept is entirely foreign to them. This is good, since none of us would have learned to walk!

So learn to enjoy the process of seeing just how far you can take something. Make your goal more about discovery than about accomplishing something specific.

If your goal is fat loss. You and I both know if you do it right it’s going to take some time so lock in to your goal goal and enjoy the ride.  Have fun with it!  Find the little victories and celebrate them.  Always keep grinding toward your goal.  These are the mindset tactics we share with our members at TFW Mahopac.


3. There are only results. One of the best ways to figure out what works is to figure out what doesn’t work. We learn by trying ideas. Regardless of whether or not an attempt is successful, you learn something every time you try. Then it’s just a matter of applying what you’ve learned to develop a better solution for the next attempt.

4. Have a clear vision of your desired results. What does success really mean to you? Sometimes fear of failure is actually a fear of failing other people’s expectations. But their definition of success might not match your own.

* It’s your life. Choose your own vision of success.  Go for what you want to accomplish!

Surround yourself with supportive people . Give yourself a “Friend Audit”, If you are in a toxic un-supportive environment it’s time to make some changes.


5. Think about how you’ll feel if you never try. Sometimes the pain of sitting on the sidelines is stronger than the fear of failing. How will you feel in your later years if you don’t put forth your best effort now? Most seniors regret the things they never tried, not the things at which they failed.

6. Consider the worst likely outcome. What’s the worst that could happen? Could you handle it? What contingency plans could you put into place?

* If you’re prepared for the worst, there’s no reason to fear failing.

Minimizing your fear of failure is critical to maximizing your success. At some point, it’s important to forge ahead in spite of fear.

There’s nothing wrong with taking action, even if you’re a little uncomfortable. In fact being uncomfortable is actually where we learn the most about what we can do.

At TFW Mahopac we tell people “The obstacle is the way” .  Instead of running from something meet it head on. Dealing with discomfort is a part of success.

So if you’ve been meaning to lose that weight you’ve recently put on but to scared to join the gym.  If you can’t seem to get the motivation to exercise or simply want to try something different use these tips to help you conquer your fear of failure.

You have nothing to lose and your life will be enriched in many positive ways.

If you are ready to overcome your fears about fitness and start your journey with us here at TFW Mahopac, click below fill out the from today and overcome your first obstacle.

CLICK HERE ==> 7 Day Kickstart

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Coach John's enthusiastic approach and positive energy will get anyone excited about fitness. However it's his ability to motivate and inspire people to do more not just in the dojo but in life that gets results.

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