5 important rules for successful exercise

Everyone pretty much agrees that exercising on a regular basis is super important.  Everyone would also agree finding the time is a great challenge in todays world.

Many of my members have busy schedule, they work long hours and sit all the time. Job and family responsibilities pile up and time slips away.

With all of the outside stresses and people putting themselves last, it’s time for a change. It’s time to make exercise count! We need to make our exercise count.

Here are 5 important rules for successful exercise that have helped me become healthier happier and a lot more fit.

1. Have a purpose or a goal:
So what’s your Why?  In Training For Warriors it all starts with having a Compass or direction.  If you want to make significant improvements in your life you have to have a reason.  So ask yourself, what’s my why?  Why do I want to start an exercise program? What’s my goal, what do I really want out of this?  This is powerful, because if your why isn’t important enough to you, your likely to end up like most people that make New Year’s resolutions and give up.  However when you set a goal for yourself backed by a strong reason you will stick to a program and in the end see results.

2. Savor the way exercise makes you feel:
Exercise is an escape.  It is a way to shut off the real world, forget about bills, kids, work, Facebook etc..

When you start to exercise regularly you start to eat better, you stat to have more energy, and you start to feel better!  Remember?  Remember when you got into a program that motivated you?

You probably felt more confident and less stress.  After a good workout you feel relaxed, accomplished, even victorious (maybe you reached a personal record).  Food tastes better, the sunshine is brighter, your kids don’t even bother you as much.

Savor those moments and feelings.  Remember them when you start to lose motivation or things in life start to take you away from the gym.

3. Do what you love:
We are all different.  There really isn’t one be all end all exercise, workout or even program that best and only way to get in shape. There are many different options out there for you to choose. You have to do what you love.  If you love to hike do that.  Maybe you enjoy yoga or cycling, do it!  Weight lifting or running, do it. Maybe its Training For Warriors (very smart) DO IT!

The biggest benefit to doing what you love is you will actually do it.

4. Workout with partner (or group):
Besides the workouts, s big reason why Training For Warriors is so effective is the group training dynamic it offers.  You don’t have to workout alone anymore.  Programs like TFW are made up of groups of like minded individuals with like minded goals training hard supporting each other all for
the sake of their own personal goal or why?  It’s powerful!

5. Are you training or exercising:

Which one is it?

Are you just going to the gym aimlessly running on a treadmill, walking at the track every night, doing the circuit of exercise machines the gym so strategically set up? If you’re not adhering to any specific performance goals, then you’re Exercising.  We call this “doing stuff”,  if you’re just “doing stuff”, after a while your workouts become ineffective resulting in a lack of results, motivation, and in many cases quitting.

However, if you have a goal, and work to achieve that goal with an exercise program consisting of progression, regimentation, and maybe periodization, you’re Training.

Please don’t take me the wrong way, if you are exercising and moving thats better than nothing. However, to achieve a goal and really see results you need a plan.

About the Author John Praino

Coach John's enthusiastic approach and positive energy will get anyone excited about fitness. However it's his ability to motivate and inspire people to do more not just in the dojo but in life that gets results.

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