12 Fitness Days of Christmas – Day 1

The Holiday Season is upon us.
That short time from Thanksgiving until New Years Eve can be the MOST damaging to people’s health.
Especially waistlines!
In general, this time of year is a time to eat, drink and be merry and really isn’t usually a time when anyone worries about their health.No, that worry  usually sets in January 1st.The parties are over, you’re feeling run down, looking a bit haggard and thinking it’s time to renew that gym membership or even worse, get started.
To help you handle the holidays in a completely healthy way and avoid unnecessary weight gain in the process we have created The 12 Fitness Days of Christmas.

Every day for the next 12 days I will be sharing with you 4 tips to help you live healthier over the holidays and kick start your 2017.

Here are your first 4 tips for day 1:

1. Stay off the SCALE!  If you’ve become accustomed to weighing yourself every day, consider stepping on the scale less often. When you shift your focus from the number on the scale to your level of physical fitness, you’ll make wise decisions without the added stress that the scale provides.

2. Find Time For Exercise!  This is a must! If you can’t get to the gym try walking 30 minutes a day. Take the stairs park far away when you go the grocery store. If you have time, start an exercise plan but don’t get complicated, lift weights using full body exercises like squats, try a program that has it all like Training for Warriors.

3. Make meals ahead of time. Sometimes, when the weather is depressing, your desire to cook will vanish. This causes you to reach for the phone and dial the pizza place or Chinese restaurant for delivery. Instead, if you have precooked meals in the fridge, you’ll naturally eat healthier and save money, too!

4. Go for a bike ride.. A bicycle ride through the scenic parts of your town is a fun way to get in shape. Enjoy the natural beauty of your surrounding, and a terrific cardiovascular workout. If you live in a cold climate you may have to bundle up but you can find mild days to get out there

* Riding a bike can be as strenuous or as leisurely as you like. Some days, you may want to push yourself with a fast pace. Other days, you may feel tired and in need of rejuvenation. With a bike ride, you can still get a good workout and recharge your batteries at the same time.

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Coach John's enthusiastic approach and positive energy will get anyone excited about fitness. However it's his ability to motivate and inspire people to do more not just in the dojo but in life that gets results.

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